The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 14

The Fastidious Wife

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 27, 1979 on CBS

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  • Stepford Cindy

    Ben's overworked, Cindy's overlooked, and things suddenly don't look so rosy in the shed. But help is at hand: Corabeth has a new book which promises to make everything hunky-dory. Basically, if the husband feels weary, it's the wife's fault. If the husband works late, it's the wife's fault. If the husband leaves his jacket on the floor, it's the wife's fault. You get the idea.

    While this isn't the first installment to show Ben getting into a fight, nor Corabeth trying to flog something daft at the store, the rest of the story is surprisingly fresh. It's the first Cindy-based episode we've had, and when she keels over and starts having contractions, you do wonder what might happen.

    I felt desperately sorry for Ben. The poor bloke ends up in a police cell trying to protect a barmaid from Jason's lecherous friend, and all Jason can do the next day is mock him. Jason's been in loads of fights! Even John starts lecturing him. Little Red is working very hard and nobody seems to notice. Give the lad a break!

    There's a mushy subplot involving some kittens. It's pretty putrid so I'll leave it there.

    A bit of an aside, this, but where have all the friends and neighbours gone? Since Cindy and the Burtons moved in, we barely see any of the old crew. Where are Yancy and Sissy? What about Ep, Sarah and those kids they adopted? Are Verdie and Harley still about? Is Maude still alive? Somebody give me a sign!

    Pick of the bunch: Cindy Walton (Leslie Winston)

    Alternate title: The Breakdown

    Score: 8.5