The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 1

The Foundling

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 1972 on CBS

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  • A great start to the series!


    As a big fan of Little House on the Prairie, I decided to rent the Waltons and I loved watching every minute of this first episode.

    In the pilot episode, "The Foundling", the Waltons find a young girl named Holly at their doorstep. Even though they find it hard to make ends meets because of the depression, they still take in the young girl who turns out to be deaf.

    However, while the family pays a lot of attention to Holly and learn sign language to communicate with her, they seem to ignore Elizabeth. We also find out that Holly's mother put Holly at the Walton's doorstep because Holly's father wanted to put her away in a home because he felt she was dumb and of no use and Holly's mother did not want that. Anyway, Elizabeth gets jealous and one day accidentally locks herself in a chest in an abandoned house, and only Holly knows about the incident. But before she can get to the Waltons, her father picks her up and decides to take her back.

    Can the Waltons find Holly and Elizabeth in time?

    I thought this was a wonderful episode which introduced a lot of great characters. I really enjoyed the scenes where Elizabeth was getting jealous of Holly, and when when John Boy finally got through to Holly to understand sign language.

    The guest stars who played Holly's parents also did a wonderful job with their characters. I thought the girl who played Holly could have been a little better, but the story was so delightful to watch, it didn't seem very important.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to see more.

  • The waltons first episode (yeah! first episode!) is about the waltons eating their breakfast and then John-boy goes outside and sees a girl sleeping at their backdoor. they find out she's deaf and so they teac her sign language.they dont keep her :(

    it was certainly a strange pilot episode, but it did introduce all the characters and t was pretty cool to see all the cast in their very early childhood, and to see them progress through the series (unlike the simpsons!) the characters look very different then what they do throughout th rest of the series, so i EXTREMELY reccomed this episode to anybody who watches waltons but hasn't sees the first episode. ~old shows finatic
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