The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 21

The Fulfillment

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1974 on CBS

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  • The Obvious Ending

    Not the greatest episode. Despite a decent guest star, the story is bland, the acting is flat and the ending is very predictable.

    Not for the first time, the Waltons take in a disadvantaged child. This one is an orphan named Stevie, who comes from the same children's home as Hoby Shank (the decidedly grown-up orphan from 'The Braggart'). The reference to Hoby is good, but there's not a lot else to enjoy in this hour. Stevie does little more than drag down the mood in the house. He's too rude to be likeable but not mischievous enough to be interesting.

    Curtis Norton, the blacksmith from 'The Bicycle', is back, although played by a different actor. While I seldom approve of shows switching actors like this, I confess I do prefer this bloke. His name is Victor French and he is notable for having appeared in 'Spencer's Mountain' as one of Clay's brothers. Sadly, his on-screen wife is played by the same actress as before, and she still hasn't shelled out for acting lessons.

    As soon as I tell you that Ann and Curtis can't have children of their own, you'll know straightaway that they end up adopting Stevie. The plot delivers on cue. Admittedly though, the scenes where Curtis plays the hopeful father are the best of the hour, especially the piggyback fight.

    Anything else? Oh yes, Jason has a two-minute subplot in which he decides to stay up late but gets bored and goes to bed. Most. Pointless. Subplot. Ever.

    Pick of the bunch: Curtis Norton (Victor French)

    Alternate title: The Stray

    Score: 7.4