The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 22

The Furlough

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1980 on CBS

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  • The New Boy

    John-boy returns to the mountain all patched up, but with no recollection of the flight that led to his plane crash. Luckily, Jim Bob and Jason are on hand to jog his memory, and he soon remembers enough for a specially-filmed flashback. While it's good to get some closure on his story, it's hard to believe he could have forgotten something so traumatic when he was fully conscious throughout.

    Poor old Robert Wightman. There's nothing worse than being constantly compared to the man who last did your job. We've all been there, but unlike Rob, we didn't have millions watching. In truth, of course, Richard Thomas is a far more talented actor, and he gave John-boy a keen and distinctive edge. Robert delivers his lines with little emotion, so it's left to those around him to create the mood. His deep, flat voice is a lot like David Harper's, so it's hard to tell who is speaking when they're not in frame.

    John-boy may be subdued, but his presence gives the other characters a new lease of life. I liked the beers in the bedroom. I can't believe Jim Bob was only allowed fruit juice though. John-boy was drinking moonshine at his age (see 'The Conflict').

    Ike's subplot is fun, and that shot of him wrapped in just a towel was certainly unexpected. According to the script, he is only 43, which means he was just forty when he had his heart attack. That may be possible, but it's very harsh.

    'The Furlough' is one of those titles that could have been used a dozen times already: Ben and Jason spend far more time on leave than they do at base!

    Pick of the bunch: John-boy Walton (Robert Wightman)

    Alternate title: The Flight

    Score: 8.9

  • NOT the same

    Sorry - I just can't get on board with this new John-Boy. As if Richard Thomas could ever be replaced when he WAS John-Boy. This guy seems like a stranger - because he is a stranger.
  • The Furlough

    Not a great episode. John Boy returns from the hospital, on furlough, and Ike Godsey gets called up, by mistake. Nothing much else happens. Rather boring.