The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 22

The Ghost Story

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1974 on CBS

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  • The Other Side

    This is different. Not the most action-packed episode and not the most conventional, but very nicely directed. The scenes where everybody is chattering at supper and where the children are playing with the ouija board afterwards capture the mood just perfectly.

    Yes, I did say 'playing with the ouija board'. While it's barely believable that a family of devout baptists would even allow such a thing in their home, the story does indeed involve the Walton children attempting to tap into 'the other side'. It turns out the board has a message for a boy named Luke, yet another random child who happens to be staying with the Waltons.

    Despite the title, there are no ghosts in this story. In fact, the lack of action of any kind is somewhat disappointing. I was hoping for Olivia to start railing against the ouija board but she doesn't, and the spookiest occurrence is a picture going missing. Where I would score this episode highly is its character interaction, which is excellent throughout.

    There is a chunky subplot in which Elizabeth sees a puppy at Ike's and wants to buy it. It turns out to be a runt, ushering in a number of runt-related jokes at her and Jim Bob's expense.

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