The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 19

The Gift

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1974 on CBS

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  • Jason finds out that life isn't always fair.

    In this episode of "The Waltons", Jason learns the harsh truth that life can deal out things to good people that isn't always fair when he finds out his best friend Seth is going to die from leukemia.

    When his friends and family members find out the sad news, each has their own way of dealing with their feelings: his mother wants him to stay in bed and not enjoy what time he has left, Seth wants to enjoy all around him before he dies, his father wants to make his wish of singing with his band come true, and Jason is reluctant to confront his feelings about what is happening. I thought that it was really touching that both John Boy and Grandpa helped Jason deal with what he is feeling and come to terms with his friend's death.

    In this episode, the writing shows the classic Walton family personality of helping out your friends and neighbors and ultimatley helping a member of the family deal with something that is new to them.