The Waltons

Season 5 Episode 24

The Go-Getter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 1977 on CBS

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  • The Salesman

    I do like Ben-flavoured episodes. This week sees Little Red Walton leave the Blue Ridge Chronicle and take a job as a used car salesman in Rockfish. The job suits him down to the ground, but some of the cars are proper turkeys, and he ends up selling Flossie a motor she cannot use. As so often, his conscience wins through and he tries to fix the old banger himself (the car, not Flossie).

    I like the contrast between John-boy and Ben. John-boy thinks long and hard before doing anything, but seldom admits he is wrong once he has made a commitment. Ben tends to grab whatever comes his away, but is happy to make amends for mistakes. It's good writing. Incidentally, there's been no mention of Ben leaving school, nor of John-boy leaving college, but both appear to have happened. It's also already 1938. Time is speeding up on Walton's Mountain...

    Subplots: Sarah Griffith sweeps into town and Olivia is determined not to let her leave without fixing her up with Ep. This is good value, particularly the scene at the pictures when Sarah and Ep sit at opposite ends of the row. I was almost disappointed they did agree to marry in the end.

    Eric Scott is a real star this week. I'd rate this as his best performance yet. The closing scene, where Ben gets up to find Jim Bob fixing Flossie's car, is truly touching. Bless 'em both.

    Pick of the bunch: Ben Walton (Eric Scott)

    Alternate title: The Matchmakers

    Score: 9.2

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