The Waltons

Season 5 Episode 10

The Great Motorcycle Race

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1976 on CBS

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  • Twice Round the Block

    Jim Bob takes part in a motorbike race and the Godseys adopt a daughter. Imagine 'The Thoroughbred' crossed with 'The Fulfilment' and you're pretty much there.

    Does this count as a coming of age episode for Jim Bob? I guess it does. We've had several already, but this time his parents seem to accept he's growing up. He looks quite the man on his motorbike, especially when he turns round to kiss Patsy. Very cool! I wonder if he noticed she was played by a different actress this week? Probably not. Darlene, Cindy, Ashley and even Curt will all share the same body-swapping fate, so it's clearly quite normal among Walton partners.

    The race itself is kind of dull, though Jim Bob does manage to raise a few gasps by skidding off in front of the crowd. I'm not sure eight riders going twice round the block really counts as a 'great' motorcycle race, but there you go.

    Having found out they cannot have children of their own, the Godseys decide to adopt. They set out in search of a baby and return home with a ten-year old girl. At the time, this must have come as a total surprise, so credit to the writers for the twist. Hadn't realised Amy appeared so early in the series. There's a bit of tension between her and Corabeth to begin with but it's all hugs and understanding by the end. She'll make a good addition to the show.

    There's not much John at the moment. One scene this week and one last week. Does Ralph have side projects? Imdb suggests he does. Naughty boy!

    Pick of the bunch: Jim Bob Walton (David Harper)

    Alternate title: The Competition

    Score: 8.6