The Waltons

Season 6 Episode 1

The Hawk

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 1977 on CBS

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  • The Great Leap Forward

    Time and tide wait for no Walton. Just six episodes ago it was May 1937; now it's September 1939. Mary Ellen is still pregnant and poor Jason is now in his fifth year at music school.

    With the German invasion of Poland as a backdrop, Walton's Mountain welcomes a dashing new Baptist minister, who causes a few hearts to race. It's an entertaining story, but the script is a bit weak in parts. Rather predictably, Hank Buchanan is the polar opposite of Matt Fordwick. Where Matt was stiff and disapproving, Hank is relaxed and broadminded: he plays cards, he goes to the pub and he dances with girls who should still be at school. I'm glad he chose to stay in the end; he'll be a worthy addition to a show which has just lost its leading man.

    The title comes from a subplot in which Jim Bob and Zeb trap a hawk. This is a typical wildlife-themed subplot in that it: a) involves Zeb, and b) has no relevance to the main story. Fawns, foxes and last mustangs all spring to mind.

    Both Erin and Corabeth take a shine to Hank. The poor bloke must be wondering where all the women his own age have gone. We're used to seeing Erin throw herself at anything with a pulse, of course, but it's very odd seeing Corabeth do the same thing. Hank's chest hair though! It's quite something. You can see why the bloke is a hit.

    Pick of the bunch: Hank Buchanan (Peter Fox)

    Alternate title: The Wingwalker

    Score: 8.9

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