The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 19

The Heartache

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 1981 on CBS

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  • Wake Me Up When It's All Over

    I'm sorry, but I can't get excited about Rose Burton, and I especially can't get excited about her endless on/off relationship with Stanley Perkins. This whole episode is essentially a rerun of 'The Travelling Man', only this time with the ending it should have had the first time around. Even for fans of the Burtons, assuming any exist, there's little of interest: Rose has a mild bout of angina, while Stanley shuffles around in his usual way. The wedding is as bland as it is brief, but at least it raises hopes of a lengthy honeymoon.

    The acting isn't bad, but the script is pretty weak, and most of the cast have nothing to do. Rose and Stanleys' patch-up scene on the bridge seems to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r, yet still manages to end exactly as you would expect.

    There's a minor subplot for Cindy, who takes a job in a dress shop then gives it up to be at home with her family. If this sounds familiar, that's because the same story was used for Olivia in 'The Test'. On the plus side, we do get some lovely shots of Ben.

    John-boy is back, but appears only in the mealtime scenes, which seems like a waste of the wage bill. Is he supposed to be living in New York or not? The last time we saw him, he had a steady job at Boatwright, yet here he implies he's just visiting. To be fair, I'm close to not caring.

    Corabeth doesn't appear this week. That's the first time this has happened since 'The Family Tree', way back in Season Six. We do get a nice contribution from Ike, however. It's one bright spot in an otherwise dreary production.

    Pick of the bunch: Ike Godsey (Joe Conley)

    Alternate title: A Wedding on Walton's Mountain

    Score: 7.2

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