The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 1

The Home Front (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1979 on CBS

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  • An Eye for an Eye

    This is a great season opener. Jason has joined the army, Erin is after a promotion, Ben and Cindy are trying for a baby, John is helping recruit soldiers for the war and Amy has the hots for Jim Bob. And best of all, Olivia returns from her illness. I don't know what made Michael Learned decide to come back, but I'm very glad she did.

    Jason's plot is the best. He totally rocks as a drill sergeant! In his first week of action, he befriends a hopeless Jewish recruit named Lapinsky. The two of them get on so well I'm surprised Jason doesn't invite him back to meet the family. Perhaps that's for a later episode.

    John's story provides the most drama. A young volunteer drowns on his way to Europe, and the man's grieving father vows to kill one of John's sons in return. This is unusually dark for this series. The impact is lessened slightly by the fact we've not met the Satterfields before, but it's still a ballsy story. George DiCenzo is excellent as the mean and moody father.

    I loved Amy's plot. Her new school has turned her into a proper snob, and she now reckons herself too good for Elizabeth, Ike or the mountain. It made me laugh that she pinned her affections on Jim Bob: he may be cute, but he's hardly a model of culture and sophistication.

    The reference to the fighting in Tunisia places this episode between Nov 1942 and May 1943. With the opening narrative mentioning spring, we must be looking at the spring of 1943. Once again, this is a full year on from where we left off last season. How quickly those kids grow up!

    Pick of the bunch: Calvin Satterfield (George DiCenzo)

    Alternate title: The Volunteer

    Score: 9.2