The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 17

The Honeymoon

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1974 on CBS

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  • The Skunk

    Housework, housework, housework. It's hard bringing up so many children, and even more so when they argue all day and never do their chores. But that's enough about my upbringing.

    Olivia's sitdown strike is great fun. I can't believe it's taken her nineteen years to get to this point. The protest certainly works. With much encouragement from the rest of the tribe, John whisks her away for the honeymoon they never had. No stepping outside Virginia, mind!

    I was rooting for John and Olivia to have a well-deserved break, but of course it doesn't work out like that. After breaking down on the way and having their evening spoilt by some thoughtless Hollywood rain, they spend all of three hours at the hotel then come charging back to check up on the kids.

    I actually thought Zeb did a great job looking after everyone. None of what happened was his fault. If it hadn't been for Ike and his big mouth, the break would have worked out well for everybody.

    John-boy spends quite a bit of time with his in-betweener, Marcia, this week. They decide they will not stay together when John-boy goes off to college. While their courtship never truly got started, it looks like it really is over this time.

    Pick of the bunch: Olivia Walton (Michael Learned)

    Alternate title: The Cloudburst

    Score: 8.6