The Waltons

Season 4 Episode 23

The House

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1976 on CBS

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  • The Rift (Part II)

    Poor Esther. Last week she locked horns with Mary Ellen; this week she goes head to head with her husband of fifty years. It's not the first time she and Zeb have fallen out, of course, and at least this time nobody leaves home, but it's not really what the household needs right now.

    The reason for their clash is the future of an old house in Rockfish. Esther wants the building preserved, and makes a pledge to save it, while Zeb wants to tear it down and salvage the fittings for use elsewhere. The episode makes a good case for both sides of the argument, and the ending is pretty special, with Zeb and Esther showing once more just how fond they are of each other. I tend to think of conservation as a fairly new thing, but I guess there were always some who hated to see old buildings torn down.

    Jason gets this week's subplot. We don't often see him at college, so his recital makes a refreshing change. I love the way his mate, Hollis, says he can't play anything without music in front of him, yet he knows how to play the first song Jason suggests off the top of his head. I'm also not sure why Jason doesn't head over to the Baldwins' to practise if it's too noisy at home: they said he could use their piano any time he liked, and they're in the episode anyway so it would have tied in nicely.

    I do like the bloke who plays Joe Wheeler, the county supervisor. The look on his face when the Baldwins start complaining is priceless. I note he also had a small part in the film, 'Fletch', which was just about the only thing David Harper appeared in beside 'The Waltons'. A small world indeed.

    Pick of the bunch: Joe Wheeler (Bill Sorrells)

    Alternate title: The Pledge

    Score: 9.0