The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 18

The Indiscretion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 1981 on CBS

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  • Dangerous Liaisons

    Well, well, well! It turns out Ike has been playing away from home. Who'd have thunk it?

    All the way through this hour, I was expecting Ike to turn to Corabeth and tell her she'd got the wrong end of the stick, and that 'Pamela' was a relative or something, but it seems the two of them really did get together for a bit of 'how's your father?' For pretty much the first time, therefore, Corabeth actually has a valid reason for leaving her husband, though she doesn't bother to check the facts until she has already filed for divorce. It's never mentioned what happens to the case once they decide to remain together. Can you unfile for divorce?

    I'm so glad the episode didn't turn into a girls against boys story. When I saw the cast lining up at the kitchen table I feared the worst, but thankfully it doesn't take that path. Corabeth's outburst against Jim Bob is rather nasty, but Jefferson County's finest gives as good as he gets.

    There's a hefty dose of Drew this week, including his first shirt-off scene. Not a bad bod for a seventeen-year old. To complement the extramarital sex theme (I can't believe I'm talking about 'The Waltons' here), he and Elizabeth agree to spend the night together for a spot of mutual cherry popping. Elizabeth backs out, but Drew gets over it quickly, though his 'I was wrong to ask this of you' speech feels hopelessly contrived.

    One point. The woman Ike takes to the Dew Drop is from an escort agency, so why does she get upset when she finds out Ike has a wife? That's like a checkout girl throwing a tantrum when she finds out you've been to a different supermarket. Not very professional.

    Pick of the bunch: Drew Cutler (Tony Becker)

    Alternate title: Day of Infamy

    Score: 8.4