The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 5

The Innocents

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1979 on CBS

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  • The Tango

    Hands up who thinks it would be a good idea to run a children's nursery in a sawmill? One... Two... You at the back there: are you a writer for 'The Waltons'? You both are? Well, that just about settles it.

    It's hard to see past the dumb plot in this episode. Fathers do not bring their kids to the factory and leave them to scamper round the forecourt. Mothers do not bring babies to work then leave them in the car all day. In real life, people leave kids with their parents or get childminders. The whole thing is just an excuse for Olivia to play mum to a horde of 'cute' little children. Given that we've just had two children brought into the show, why not write a story around them instead?

    Thankfully, there is a much better subplot in which Rose gives Ike dancing lessons so he can impress Corabeth at their anniversary meal. The dancing is great fun, and Joe Conley is a bit of a natural with his moves. More dancing Joe please! Corabeth's strop over the hanky is completely over the top, but it's forgotten in a flash, and the meal gives Elizabeth and Amy something useful to do.

    Once again, Jason barely features, and there's not much Jim Bob, Mary Ellen, Ben or Erin either. Plenty of extras though. According to this website, the kid who plays Charlie is now living in Vegas as an Elvis impersonator. No, really. Look him up!

    Pick of the bunch: Ike Godsey (Joe Conley)

    Alternate title: The Anniversary

    Score: 7.7