The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 19

The Inspiration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1980 on CBS

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  • The Date

    Mamie Baldwin is losing her sight, yet refuses to do anything about it. What she needs is a pep talk from someone who has overcome a setback of their own. John knows just the woman.

    It's good to see Esther again. Her homecoming is nicely done, and the scene where she is alone with John is a real heartwarmer. Her reaction to Rose is priceless: I think she speaks for us all with that glare of disapproval. Where exactly does Rose sleep while Esther is back btw? There aren't any spare beds in the girls' room, and she can hardly share with the menfolk. She must be in the barn with Chance.

    Mamie's behaviour mirrors what she did in 'Spring Fever'. She's normally the more grounded of the two, but when it comes to her health, she can be rather fatalistic. We don't find out how the operation went, but I'm guessing it was a success.

    Not to be outdone by every other programme to feature a teenager ever, Elizabeth faces a dilemma over the school dance. She wants to take the fittingly-named Steve Prince, but he's not interested, so she settles for his sidekick, Drew Cutler. The dance itself is hilarious. Did you ever see such a miserable bunch? Drew and Elizabeth are the only two smiling.

    The partners are coming thick and fast at the moment: Toni last week, now Drew. I hadn't realised Tony Becker appeared this early in the series. It's funny to see him as a gawky kid rather than the strapping young man we all know. Does this rate as Elizabeth's first kiss? I think it might.

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