The Waltons

Season 2 Episode 1

The Journey

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 1973 on CBS

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  • The Last Waltz

    A brilliant start to the second season. Once again, John-boy proves what a star he is when he agrees to drive his Grandma's friend to the seaside for her wedding anniversary. This means missing his date with Marcia Woolery, but given this is the first time we've seen the little tease since the first episode, it comes as no great loss.

    It's a touching tale, and guest actress, Linda Watkins, puts in a heartfelt performance as the ailing Maggie Mackenzie. That said, it did take me several scenes to work out she was trying to do a Scottish rather than an Irish accent. Yes, it was obvious Maggie was going to die once she'd seen the sea for the last time, but it was still sad, especially when she gave John-boy her wedding gift on her death bed.

    Jim Bob is missing this week. This is the first time we've been without a member of the main cast. No explanation is given, and the rest of the family carry on as if nothing's happened. I guess that's the advantage of having a large brood: you can afford to lose a few along the way.

    Can I just say John-boy looked very fit in his long socks and half-length trousers. There, I said it.
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