The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 10

The Legend

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1972 on CBS

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  • The Letdown

    Being a legend can be hard to live up to. Sadly, this turns out to be the case for John's wartime buddy, Tip Harrison. That's the same Tip whose tales and adventures the whole family knows by heart but have somehow never mentioned before today. Why's he called 'Tip' anyway? Was his bedroom particularly messy as a youngster?

    In fairness, I thought Tip was good value and I really enjoyed the singing scene. It's about time they all had a bit of fun. Champagne too! Worth it for the look on Esther's face alone. I did think the 'outwardly-chirpy-but-lonely-within' cliche was laid on rather too thick though. The instant Tip shuts the bedroom door he goes from party beast to depressed alcoholic. Surely the buzz would last a little longer than that? Still, it makes for a good storyline.

    John's guest turns out to be something of a liability, unwittingly starting a fire and wounding the family pet. Huge credit must go to John for not blabbing to the whole family that Tip shot the dog. An example to us all that pointing the finger is not always the right thing to do. Seriously, though: how fake did that blood on the dog look? You could see it had been smeared on with fingers. Made me chuckle.

    For me, Ralph is the star of the show. It's great to see John so carefree. I'll say it many more times before the series ends, but I love it when Ralph smiles. John should have his mates round more often.

    Pick of the bunch: John Walton (Ralph Waite)

    Alternate title: The Illusion

    Score: 8.7

  • After hearing John's tales, ever since they were born, the legend from it comes true, when Tip Harrison comes to Waltons Mountain.

    First things first. I despise Tip Harrison! He shot Reckless and then let him to die! I mean, seriously! And then Jonboy and John find Reckless by hearing him whimper! That's just evil! And everyone knows it's hard to watch a show if you totally hate someone in it. But, this episode was pretty good I guess... Who names their kid Tip? Nevermind, that was pretty stupid and random to ask :D(if your first name is 'Tip' then don't read this: TIP IS A WEIRD NAME! you were warned). I recamend this episode...How do you spell recamend anyway? if you do, then please send it to me, I really am too lazy to go to ~old shows finatic