The Waltons

Season 5 Episode 22

The Long Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1977 on CBS

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  • The Ballet Class

    It's a bit of a filler episode this, but buoyed up by a lovely performance from Will Geer. There's also a strong subplot starring Elizabeth and some very conflicted Godseys.

    We begin with the family preparing to welcome Esther home, complete with banners, music and flowers. She doesn't come back, of course, but at the time this must have been quite a worthy twist. The episode then follows Zeb as he struggles to cope with his loneliness, firstly by working too hard, then by feeling sorry for himself, and finally by holding a vigil outside the hospital window.

    It's been a while since we've seen Amy: ten episodes, in fact. To make up for this, the writers come up with a very plausible story in which Corabeth is trying to raise her as a young lady, complete with classical music and ballet lessons. This is bang on-character for Corabeth, even down to the stuffy old book she uses for inspiration. Olivia's response is far more confusing. Just a few weeks ago she was chiding Zeb for turning Elizabeth into a tomboy; now she is dressing her daughter in dungarees and sending her to muck out the chickens. I hope Zeb picks her up on this.

    Best scene by far is Corabeth's ballet lesson. "Flow, Amy! Flow!" Hehe indeed.

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