The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 17

The Love Story

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1973 on CBS

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  • When one of John's old friends visits, he brings with him, his daughter, Jenny. But hearts start beating when Jonboy falls for her... and she falls for him.

    Okay, okay, I know you must have read 'Mac Ale's' review of this episode already, but I want you to reconsider what he said. I'm not trying to be dissin' anyone, and I know that these are just our opinions, but, this episode was well-written. I liked this episode, and thought Jenny was hot (Sue me). This episode, unlike some others, seemed more like a movie. My favorite part was when they hear Jenny's father died (NOT THAT PART!) and Jonboy tries to find her. My favorite thing about that scene was the music they played! I had to re-watch that one part over and over again because of Jonboy's extrordinary acting skills. What am I saying? Everyone in the Waltons has good acting skills! (forget Erin in the 3rd-5th seasons) So, I ask you, kind viewers, try to reconsider what Mac-Ale's Review said, and reset your score to a higher one. I totally recommend this fine, fine episode ~Old Shows Finatic.
  • The Pioneers

    This isn't a bad hour, and it does have the feel of a feature film at times, but it's not really my kind of story.

    It's certainly high time John-boy saw some action. So far, all we've had is that brief kiss in the first episode. The love scenes are well acted, both by Richard and by guest actress, Sian Allen, but some of the dialogue is a little silly, and I didn't enjoy the singing (although Richard does have a decent voice). It's certainly a far cry from Sian and Richards' previous appearance together, in the cult thriller, 'You'll Like My Mother'. That time, Richard played a deranged rapist while Sian was a cloistered mute.

    Jenny Pendleton is a great character and I love the way she flits around the house trying to be mum. I don't think Olivia knew what had hit her. The best scene by far is the one on the mountain where John-boy is telling Jenny all the places he wants to go in the world and all she can talk about is having his babies. Made me chuckle.

    I don't see why Jenny's father had to be killed off partway through. That's two orphaned girls in two weeks now. Visit Walton's Mountain at your peril!

    And snow on the ground in the Hollywood Hills! Ah, the days before global warming.

    Pick of the bunch: Jenny Pendleton (Sian Barbara Allen)

    Alternate title: The Romance

    Score: 8.1

  • Not a bad story, just comes off as too sugary and not that well-written.

    John Boy falls for visiting Jenny Pendleton, somewhat embarassingly to my mind.

    I loved "The Waltons" and was an avid watcher of first run shows for most of the first four or five years. Still, this was an episode that despite some Emmy nominations just left me laughing and I shouldn't have been laughing. Perhaps it was the actress who played Jenny, and some of the dialog -- it all seemed to bring out the most stilted in actor Richard Thomas. Jenny moves onto the mountain, but her father and stepmother pursue her. Tragically, the father dies and she moves away with her stepmother.

    Unfortunately, not before some awkward love scenes between Jenny and John Boy. Perhaps the most humorous is the scene at the chimney of the "old Walton cabin" on the mountain where John Boy proclaims "Jenny Pendleton, you're a fine old pioneer woman" and Jenny shoots back, "well, John Boy Walton, you're a fine old pioneer man!"...good grief, and as I said, me and my family tuned into all these episodes in the early 70s.

    I liked almost all of Season 1, but this one was a little much.