The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 20

The Lumberjack

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 21, 1981 on CBS

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  • The Batchelor

    A good, lively episode with a strong guest lead and plenty of twists and turns. What could easily have been yet another 'Erin spots man and falls madly in love' story, is instead an intriguing hour based around a woodsman with something to hide.

    Paul Northridge is played by Morgan Stevens, who played John-boy's wardmate at the military hospital last season. When John-boy said he recognised him, therefore, I thought he was alluding to this, which would have been rather clever. Instead, Paul's secret is that he is heir to a huge forestry business. It's good, but the tie-in with John-boy last season would have been better.

    Subplots in this series often seem to alternate between the two youngest Waltons. This week, Jim Bob goes hunting for uranium with Ike, and they end up discovering some radioactive waste. To be fair, I did actually think they had discovered uranium, so the twist was a good one. The scene at the assay office is rather strange though. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

    There's a notable outbreak of checked shirts this week. They've been getting steadily more popular these last few seasons, but this week, almost everybody has one. With most of the cast also clad in blue jeans, it's like watching an army of little clones. Even Ike gets in on the look. In his defence, he does look a lot younger when he's not in his workwear.

    There are some wonderful goofs this week. Firstly, when Erin drops the potatoes, none of them rolls off-camera, yet in the next shot, we see Ike and Corabeth picking them up from behind the counter. Secondly, Erin tells Paul that the Waltons' lumber business goes back more than three generations, yet in 'The Move', we were told that John started it after he started his family (plus there was no sign of the business in 'The Homecoming'). And lastly, Paul states that Erin is the fourth of the Walton children. In fact she's the fifth; Eric Scott may appear after Mary McDonough in the credits, but both he and his character are older.

    Pick of the bunch: Paul Northridge (Morgan Stevens)

    Alternate title: The Gold Watch

    Score: 9.0

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