The Waltons

Season 7 Episode 4

The Moonshiner

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Olivia says John-boy was shot and nearly killed four years earlier while trying to help Boone.  In fact, the shooting took place seven years earlier.  The incident happened during The Conflict, which was set in 1934, whereas this episode takes place in 1941.

  • Quotes

    • Opening Narration: I well remember my grandfather speaking of the two ideals he felt so much a part of the human spirit. They were, he said, love and loyalty. During that autumn of 1941 his ideals were to be well tested by those people fate and a changing times would return to Walton's Mountain. It was a time when our brother, Jason, most keenly felt the loss of our grandfather.

    • Closing Narration: The Law never did catch Boone. From time to time he would slip back to visit us. He was always loved and respected as the last Walton whose ways were swiftly vanishing and whose secrets were revealed only to Jason. Boone Walton was killed by a truck while crossing the highway one dark night. He was 87 years old, and was carrying two gallons of moonshine.

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