The Waltons

Season 6 Episode 21

The Ordeal (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 1978 on CBS

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  • The Guilt Trip

    Another season, another Walton in hospital. They do seem to suffer more than most in this family. This time, it's Elizabeth, who falls off a log stack and breaks both her legs whilst trying to rescue a bird. Much like 'An Easter Story', the plot is built around whether the stricken character will ever walk again. Thing is, this is 'The Waltons', so you kind of know she will. Even at the time, I can't believe there were many who would have thought otherwise.

    Much more intriguing are Ben and Jim Bobs' reactions after realising they may have been the cause. True to form, Jim Bob goes all sulky and tries to run away, while Ben gets a job and showers his sister with gifts. John is incredibly hard on them, seeing as it's his yard and he should have checked the log stack was safe before wandering off to chat to Ep. As the saying goes, you can delegate authority, but you can't delegate responsibility. Elizabeth should also have known better than to clamber around in a timber yard.

    I absolutely loved the crazy herb lady. She'd have made a great recurring character, especially seeing as everyone in the village seems to know her. The actress who plays her, Virginia Gregg, was the schoolteacher in the original 'Spencer's Mountain' film.

    There's some tidy acting this week. Eric, in particular, is absolutely on form with the guilt. He looks so meek standing there in his long johns you can't help but love him. He's also looking very hench these days, as witnessed in his dip at the pool. Certainly not the skinny kid from those early seasons. I guess that's David's role now.

    It's also a lovely performance from Kami. In the whole episode, I think I only saw her move her legs once. That's not bad going. Elizabeth seems pretty chilled about the whole experience, to be honest. The only time she truly looks hurt is watching Amy ride around on her pony. To be fair, Amy is really annoying in this story.

    It's good to see Ben's pony cart again. I confess I thought the props department had probably dismantled it some time ago, but here it is, unscathed and relevant to the plot. Get in! I'm also loving Jason's manic dancing. I'm less sure about the hot spring. I mean, how hot can it be with all that dry ice erupting out of the water?

    As so often, the episode winds up very quickly once the problem is overcome. Jim Bob commands Elizabeth to walk... and lo! She does! That's more JC than JB. If the air force won't have him, there's a great job waiting for him as a healer.

    Pick of the bunch: Ada Corley (Virginia Gregg)

    Alternate title: The Pony Cart

    Score: 8.8