The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 1

The Outrage (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1980 on CBS

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  • The Fugitive

    So, here we go with the final season. We don't have Esther or Olivia, but we do still have John, along with yet another rerecording of the theme tune and a big, bold story to kick things off.

    The main plot sees Harley Foster wanted for murder. He didn't do it, of course, but Ep is on his tail, and Harley goes into hiding. It's good to see the Fosters again, though we are now on our third version of Josh. I'd love to have heard what Harley put in his note to Verdie. "Goodbye honey. I forgot to tell you when we met that I'm a convicted murderer and wanted fugitive, so I'm telling you now. Hope you don't mind".

    The Godseys get a plot of their own in which Ike complains Corabeth isn't looking after him well enough. Corabeth chucks in her job and sets out to become the perfect wife. It's very tongue in cheek, but Ike's rant still feels rather off-character. As for Cory: well, she's clearly found a copy of 'The Fastidious Wife' lying around somewhere.

    We don't see much of the boys, who are all away with the war. Ben gets a couple of scenes to show off his new haircut. There's also a guest slot by Dick Sargent of 'Bewitched' as his CO. Nice! John-boy is shown lounging around in an office in Paris. In a truly eye-popping coincidence, he just happens to be lounging in the same room as Jason's girlfriend, Toni. Jason is glimpsed briefly in the back of a truck, but there's no sign of Jim Bob.

    Back at the ranch, Cindy is annoyed that no-one will let her do chores, while Elizabeth would rather spend time with her new horse than with Drew. Not the choice I'd have made.

    I had to laugh at Rose and Verdies' opening conversation. It's basically a string of exposition points. We do learn, however, that Jeffrey and Serena won't be coming back. I'll drink to that.

    Pick of the bunch: Verdie Foster (Lynn Hamilton)

    Alternate title: The Fastidious Wife

    Score: 8.3