The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 15

The Pearls

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1981 on CBS

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  • The Mechanic

    Not content with having turned Corabeth into a haughty drama queen, we now get to meet her equally batty sister, Orma Lee. She's basically Alvira Drummond from 'The Actress', complete with fancy clothes and man-eating abilities. It's quite a fun episode to watch, but it does have that feel of writers scraping the barrel.

    Having Ronnie Claire Edwards as Orma Lee works surprisingly well. She plays the part so convincingly I wasn't sure it was her the first time I saw it. Credit where credit is due. The sisters only appear together in one scene, but it's done very well, bearing in mind the techniques available at the time. That shot of them talking face to face really doesn't look superimposed: all the more impressive when you consider how bad the greenscreen shots are on this show.

    It's good to see Jim Bob in his workshop, though there's no sign of Jody, nor of any cars. That shot of him stepping out with a tyre in his hand looks like his audition for the 'Mechanics of Jefferson County' calendar. I like it! Ike is also good value this week, though his slapstick fight with Orma Lee's husband is ridiculous: I could almost hear the Tom and Jerry sound effects.

    There's nothing to report in the Walton household this week. Elizabeth feels left out of her siblings' activities - unsurprising given they are grown-ups and she is a schoolgirl - so she decides to visit her parents in Arizona. She gets as far as Roanoke Bus Station before Jason catches up with her.

    My advice? Stick with 'The Actress'. It's the same concept but you get all the original characters.

    Pick of the bunch: Orma Lee Stalcup (Ronnie Claire Edwards)

    Alternate title: The Dustbowl Cousins (seeing as Orma Lee is John's second cousin)

    Score: 8.0

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