The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 3

The Pledge

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1980 on CBS

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  • The Cake

    This show has drifted so far from its original premise it's becoming hard to recognise. Ben's trapped in a show of his own, John-boy and Jason are stuck in another, and there's still no sign of Jim Bob. With the boys in service and the older generation gone, the Walton household is basically John and a bunch of grown-up women. Even the background music has changed.

    There are three stories this week. 1) Mary Ellen decides to become a doctor. 2) Jason celebrates his birthday and people send him stuff. 3) Corabeth bakes a cake for a soldier.

    The episode begins with a battle, which is pretty cool. I'm slightly annoyed that John-boy does nothing more than hide behind a truck though. What way is that to treat our leading man! France being the size of a postage stamp, he instantly bumps into Jason on his return from the front.

    There's no way Jason's cake would be in any state to eat when he receives it. It would have taken weeks to reach him. Even if it wasn't in crumbs, it would certainly be stale. There's also no way Jason is only 24. He was 15 in Season One, and that was set in 1933.

    Ronie and Sweet Billy are back, though both are played by new actors. Billy's death comes as a bit of a shock, and his funeral is surprisingly moving. As a result, Mary Ellen tries to get into medical school. Unsurprisingly, she has trouble getting accepted, but a bit of emotional blackmail sees her through the door. I liked the bloke playing Dean Clifford and I laughed out loud when he suggested she do a degree in childrearing.

    Once again, the Godseys get their own little story. It's pretty unimportant, but the soldier they befriend is rather tidy. We never find out his name, so I guess his credited title of 'Young GI' will just have to do.

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