The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 5

The Premonition

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 1980 on CBS

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  • The French Connection

    Wow, this episode is bad! I thought we were long past these 'John-boy plus love interest' stories, but apparently not. The acting is flat, the action drags, and the French scenes are riddled with mistakes. The one thread which does look exciting - Ben getting captured by the Japs - gets barely any airtime at all.

    I quite liked John-boy's girlfriend. The guest actress clearly isn't French, but she does bring something to the story. She gets little back from Robert, however. With his flat, monotone voice, he sounds more like he's reading the news than portraying a soldier in love. The worst scene has to be the puppet show. Simone would have woken half of Paris yelling like that. And since when has John-boy been a trained puppeteer? It takes skill to work a puppet like that. You can't just pick one up and become a pro!

    I do wish they'd find a few new locations to film. The woodland lane where the child gets killed is the same one the Waltons use to walk to church, and that Parisian square was last seen as Richmond in 'The Empty Nest'. Simone's 'bookshop' is simply a living room with a cash register. Even the sign on the door is wrong. 'Fermer' does not mean 'closed'. It means 'to close'.

    It was clear from the start that John-boy would end up writing the article, and it was painfully clear that the mine he was defusing was a dummy. As for the child who was killed: losing a shoe and falling down without a scratch is not how minefields work.

    Nothing of interest happens in the henhouse this week. Rose is exceptionally annoying, even by her standards, while Cindy's premonition robs Ben's story of any surprise it might have had.

    And we've still got 'The Tempest' to come!

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