The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 17

The Prodigals

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1980 on CBS

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  • The Navy

    A good, pacy episode which sees Jeffrey get into yet more trouble, while new father, Ben, signs up for the navy. Verdie and Josh make a welcome return - though I'm not buying Verdie's claim that Josh is only eleven.

    What can I say about Jeffrey? The writers clearly want us to pity him, but they aren't doing a very good job. This week, he almost puts Josh behind bars, yet gets nothing more than a few extra chores as punishment. Send him back to Baltimore! Better still, send all three of them back!!

    I liked Ben's storyline. He has been grumbling for some time about being a civilian, so his decision to join the forces had to come sooner or later. It's a shame he decides to leave so soon after becoming a father, but the same thing happened with Curt. It must be a Virginia thing. His visit to John-boy comes as a bit of a surprise, though Ben himself seems not to notice that his brother has been swapped for a changeling.

    I'm not sure why this episode has the name it does. According to my dictionary, prodigal means 'wasteful of resources'. It would have been a great title for the episode where Ike buys fifty fridges with no hope of selling them, but it's hardly relevant here.

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