The Waltons

Season 9 Episode 6

The Pursuit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 1981 on CBS

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  • The Stalker

    So Jim Bob's back for yet another furlough, and this time he has baggage: a girl by the name of Kathy who claims Jim Bob has knocked her up. I don't know why his sisters are surprised at this; JB has had more girlfriends than Ben and Jason put together. It's a reasonable story, but you know full well Jim Bob and Kathy won't end up married, so I wasn't surprised to hear she was lying about the baby. Despite this, it's a good showing by the guest actress, and even more so by David Harper, who turns in his most mature performance yet.

    Jim Bob's tall stories are great fun, especially the one at the supper table. I laughed out loud! Less impressive is some of the rom-com clich, such as Kathy's 'listen to the silence' moment. The writer is none other than Michael McGreevey, who played Hoby Shank in 'The Braggart'. This is the last of four episodes he wrote for the series. Worth noting is that one of the others was 'The Silver Wings': another Jim Bob plus one story.

    Ben and Jason continue their tours of duty. Jason's story is nothing to write home about, though I did laugh when those showgirls appeared. Ben, on the other hand, is trapped in a brutal Japanese labour camp. This is pretty sharp stuff. His acts of defiance almost get him shot, but it's good to see him leading the pack. One up for us short guys!

    With sex before marriage forming a key chunk of the storyline, I really missed Olivia's input. Her high moral standards were a big part of this show, and it would have been great to have heard her thoughts on the matter. John doesn't seem all that bothered.

    Pick of the bunch: Jim Bob Walton (David Harper)

    Alternate title: The Furlough

    Score: 8.7

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