The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 18

The Remembrance

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1980 on CBS

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  • The Old-Timer

    A bit of a throwback to the early days, this, with a stranger wandering up to the Waltons' door and staying awhile. This is deliberate, of course, as the viewers aren't the only ones who have noticed how much the show has changed. With the women away, and with the children all grown up, the dynamic simply isn't what it was. That said, Woody Chambliss is terrific as the long-lost cousin, and his antics do bring the story to life.

    'Zadok' is a funny old name. Sounds like a warlord from a science fiction film. Mind you, so does 'Zebulon'. I'd like to have seen him alongside cousin Boone. Talk about chalk and cheese. Throughout the episode, we're led to believe Zadok is losing his marbles and won't last much longer, but it turns out he is a skilled fruit grower who has come to make a bequest to Boatwright University. It's a worthy twist, and it catches the other characters by surprise.

    There are a couple of recycled actors this week. The man leaning on the post outside Ike's is Llynn Storer. This is his seventh appearance on the show, and he's played a different character each time. Meanwhile, Ivor Francis appears as Dean Beck, having previously played Professor Hoadly a couple of times.

    We're Burton-free this week, which gives a bit more room for other stuff. The writers take the opportunity to introduce us to Jason's future wife, Toni, played by Lisa Harrison. As so often in Hollywood, their relationship begins with an argument, but they're hand in hand by the end of the hour. I guess it helps that Jon and Lisa were married in real life.

    Pick of the bunch: Zadok Walton (Woody Chambliss)

    Alternate title: The Bequest

    Score: 8.6