The Waltons

Season 1 Episode 13

The Reunion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1972 on CBS

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  • The Bootleg Cousin

    Not for the first time, the Baldwin ladies are hoodwinked by a dastardly cousin who wants to make off with their famous recipe. Rather than pinch the machine, however, this latest kinsman steals a wagonful of jars and flogs them to a beauty therapist. (Yes, I did mean to type 'beauty therapist').

    It was kind of obvious nobody would turn up for the Baldwins' reunion, but it was sad nonetheless. Luckily, the Walton rent-a-crowd is on hand to save the day, and the sisters get to hold their party. This seems to be the point at which Esther and Olivia finally accept the Baldwins as neighbours, though they will never accept their (ab)use of the recipe. Interestingly, the Baldwin reunion plot will be used for the series finale, complete with all the returned invitations.

    I do love seeing Zebulon drunk. Will Geer looks as if he's made for the role. John-boy appears suitably awkward watching his grandpa from the doorway. Top marks all round! Ep's position is also tricky: he has to tread a fine line between upholding the law and being a friend to the Waltons. Classy performance from John Crawford.

    I thought they might have made more of Mary Ellen's playground fight, but it didn't go anywhere at all. That fat kid was right though: Jim Bob's shirt did look like a blouse.

    Pick of the bunch: Zeb Walton (Will Geer)

    Alternate title: The Theft

    Score: 8.8