The Waltons

Season 6 Episode 25

The Revelation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 1978 on CBS

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  • A Bicycle Made for Two

    A rushed engagement to someone we barely know? A wedding called off at the last minute? We must be watching 'The Waltons'...

    To be fair, I enjoyed this story. John-boy and Daisy make a great couple. They both have similar lifestyles, they both love the city and they clearly love each other. Yet, for all this, Daisy isn't wild about the thought of getting hitched. It's clear from the start something's wrong, but at the same time, the wedding plans never look like getting derailed. Clever.

    The plot thickens when John-boy goes to see Daisy's mum. There's a genuine feeling of intrigue here, which is something often lacking on this show. The guest actress is very good, and the secret isn't obvious until the kid pokes its head round the stairs. Sadly, the plot falls apart after this. Having spent five minutes with her unwanted daughter, Daisy decides to give up her life, her career and her partner to become an unemployed, stay-at-home mum.

    In other news, young George from 'The Festival' is back. When Olivia refers to his 'usual seat' at the table, it sounds as if the writers might be thinking about making him the new GW, but sadly we never see him again. Anyhow, he gets a subplot with Elizabeth selling lemonade outside Ike's. Sales remain slack until Zeb tips a pint of the Baldwin's recipe into the brew. Probably illegal but did make me smile.

    Lastly, was it normal to get married so soon after getting engaged in those days, or is it just television? Most of my friends were betrothed for at least a year before getting wed. In this show, engagements last barely a week.

    Pick of the bunch: Mrs Garner (Rachel Bard)

    Alternate title: The Secret

    Score: 9.1

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