The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 11

The Silver Wings

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1979 on CBS

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  • The Cougar

    Jim Bob falls for an older married woman named Betsy, and she does nothing to put him off. This time, it's not just Corabeth who is concerned. Nothing comes of their romance, but I do like Jim Bob stories so I'm not going to grumble.

    Betsy is a bit of a minx. She deliberately leads her young admirer on, then makes out she didn't mean anything by it. Her lack of clothing is also hard to miss. Did women actually dress like that in the forties? Even today, her miniskirts and crop tops would raise a few eyebrows. Well, they would round here, anyway.

    Jim Bob has been involved with enough women to have a kid in every state by now. That's not bad for a schoolboy. Spare a thought for Jason, though, who is in his mid twenties and has never even had a steady girlfriend. Jon Walmsley must be wondering what he's done wrong!

    Serena's attempt to earn badges with the Brownies (or whatever they're called) is mildly amusing. The firemaking scene is the best. It's kind of spoilt by her hike at the end, where she gets lost in the woods for two minutes then stumbles onto the road at the precise moment Ben and John drive past looking for her. What should have been a dramatic turn ends up being a rushed waste of time.

    All three brothers are looking good this week. Ben suddenly looks very grown up. Must be the thought of becoming a father.

    Pick of the bunch: Jim Bob Walton (David Harper)

    Alternate title: The Airmail Man (Jim Bob has a job as a postman in this story)

    Score: 9.0

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