The Waltons

Season 3 Episode 23

The Song

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1975 on CBS

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  • Sibling Rivalry

    Another fantastic instalment from what is easily the best season so far. Everything is on form this week: the plot, the acting, the writing and, particularly, the direction. Some of the banter is so natural it looks as if the camera was left on by mistake.

    The plot is simple but remarkably effective. Ben fancies a girl named Sally Ann so he persuades Jason to sing a duet with her. Predictably, Ben's plan backfires and Sally Ann takes a shine to Jason instead. When Ben catches them kissing in the barn, the brotherly gloves are well and truly off. What I love is that the writers don't try to spring this as a surprise. Instead, they focus on Ben's obvious naivety and how much it hurts him.

    Eric Scott and Jon Walmsley are both on song this week (pun fully intended), particularly Eric, who creates real sympathy for his character. Their scuffle in the woods is brilliant. More fights please!

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Bobby Bigelow again. Mayf Nutter is such a dude! There's a definite touch of Elvis about him this week. Once again, the gig really lights up the end of the episode.

    There are so many highlights to pick through: Mary Ellen's rant about Sally Ann at the dinner table. Absolutely hilarious. Jim Bob's rendition of grace. Teehee. The two Johns laughing about Jason and Sally Ann. As natural as it comes. But best of all has to be Zack's battleaxe wife bursting in at the pool contest. Absolutely frickin' brilliant!

    Pick of the bunch: Ben Walton (Eric Scott)

    Alternate title: The Big Brother

    Score: 9.8

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