The Waltons

Season 3 Episode 9

The Spoilers

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1974 on CBS

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  • The House of Hanover

    A posh family from New York moves to Virginia and latches onto the Waltons, putting a cat among the pigeons as their markedly different lifestyles grate together. There's a slight twist in that Ted's father was a former boyfriend of Esther's, but as John says, that's ancient history.

    Let's run through the Hanover household. First, we have Ted, the wannabe hillbilly. It's his idea to move to the country, and he's the most likeable of the bunch. Nicely played by Mark Miller. Then there's Susan, the hopeless housewife, and their two snotty children. The daughter, Alicia, is brilliant. She's so stuck up she would make Corabeth blush, and the guest actress is superb. I also loved that outfit she gave to Mary Ellen. The son, Charles, takes a shine to Erin and won't leave her alone. The actor is a bit one-dimensional but he does have a very sexy voice.

    John-boy's attraction to bossy and self-important women continues, in this case to Alicia. While it may be frustrating to watch, this aspect of his character featured strongly in the source novel, 'Spencer's Mountain', so the writers are showing good continuity here. Is Earl Hamner trying to tell us something about his wife?

    In many ways, this is 'The Dust Bowl Cousins' all over again, and like that episode, the Hanovers leave the mountain having made little attempt to change. On balance, it's just different enough to be interesting.

    Pick of the bunch: Alicia Hanover (Linda Purl)

    Alternate title: The Move

    Score: 9.1