The Waltons

Season 3 Episode 22

The Statue

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 1975 on CBS

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  • The Appalachian Journal

    A definite tale of two halves this week, with John-boy writing a less-than-subtle story about Emily Baldwin, and Zeb winning a tasteless statue in a raffle.

    I'll do John-boy first. First up, I like the reference at the beginning to the rejection slips. I'm guessing Earl Hamner has been there himself. I certainly have. There's also a great range of emotions from Richard, as John-boy realises the impact his story is having. Much as our hero longs to be published, he seems genuinely to care for Emily's feelings. The tale of Emily and Ashley kissing in the orchard will be brought up many times over the course of the series, but this is where it begins. The final scene, where John-boy reads his completed work to the sisters, is very touching.

    Zeb's story provides the lighter side of the episode. It goes without saying that Esther disapproves of his prize. To be fair to her, the statue is pretty hideous, and Zeb makes it very clear it reminds him of a former girlfriend, which is less than tactful. I did like the 'funeral' they gave it at the end, although I do wonder what Zeb will say when the Baldwins notice it is missing. Let's hope the pond never dries up...

    We also get to see one of only a handful of occasions when Ike and Corabeth kiss. I'm sorry, but it looks so unnatural. I just don't have them down as that kind of husband and wife, and I don't think they do either!

    Pick of the bunch: Emily Baldwin (Mary Jackson)

    Alternate title: The Journal

    Score: 8.8