The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 24

The Valediction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1980 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Erin claims her graduation was one of the most wonderful days of her life.  This is not how it was portrayed in The Career Girl, however, where she spent most of the day being miserable.

    • This is the first time the characters of Esther and John-boy have appeared together in an episode since Season Five's The Ferris Wheel.

  • Quotes

    • Opening Narration: Sometimes it seemed as if we'd always been at war. The quiet of our lives on Walton's Mountain was interrupted daily by headlines and bulletins that took us to far off deserts and island outposts with impossible names. Our days swung between hope and despair, but somehow we went forward, meeting the demands of life in a troubled world, proving at home what the war was proving on every front—that a crisis can make leaders of the most ordinary of men.

    • Closing Narration: My brothers and I knew as we walked away that morning that things would never again be the same. The war would teach us how small Walton's Mountain was, and how ordinary our lives there. And yet, from the foxholes of France, and the skies over Germany, on the reefs and stolls of the South Pacific, wherever the war was to take us, we returned to the mountain in memory, over and over again; that wooded earth, that frame house, that weathered porch where our loved ones waited—home.

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