The Waltons

Season 8 Episode 12

The Wager

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 1979 on CBS

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  • Let's Hear it for the Girls

    A horse race up the mountain. A strenuous training regime. A dastardly villain for the Waltons to beat. This is basically 'The Thoroughbred' all over again. This time, it's ME and Erin who take part, and it's two layabouts from work who provide the competition. There's a feminist subtext as well, with the Walton sisters out to prove that girlz rule. The catcalls and comments are laid on rather thick, but to be fair, it probably was like that back then.

    The format of the race is good fun: one man rides as far as a checkpoint, then ties up his horse and sets off on foot. Meanwhile, his teammate runs to the checkpoint then hops on the horse. The event lasts a good ten minutes, and while you know the Waltons will win their bet, the chase is a decent watch. There's no Cindy, and we don't get much John or Ben, but Jonathan Banks is great as the sleazy Jeb Sanders. Shame we shan't see him again.

    Serena wins annoying Burton of the week for the second time, as she taunts her brother mercilessly when he writes to a Hollywood actress, pretending to be a soldier. Seriously, though, what is it with this show and sexed-up children? Eight-year old boys do not hanker after thirty-year old women.

    Jason gets a chauffeuring job at Camp Rockfish, and his first passenger just happens to be the actress Jeffrey has been writing to. Of course it does.

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