The Waltons

Season 5 Episode 7

The Wedding (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1976 on CBS

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  • The End of the Beginning

    Mary Ellen announces her engagement to David just as a new doctor rolls into town. She then takes a job as the new doctor's nurse. What could possibly go wrong?

    Whatever you may think of him, Curt is certainly a breath of fresh air. His direct, no-nonsense approach is hilarious, telling Flossie she is fat and Yancy he's a slob, not to mention offending the Baldwins. This show has been needing a cheeky new character for a while, and Curt seems to fit the bill perfectly.

    The two doctors / suitors do make an interesting contrast. David is handsome, suave and a bit boring, while Curt is brash, gritty and outspoken. I'd like to have seen them squabble over their bride to be, but this never happens. Instead, David seems utterly unaware anything has changed until Mary Ellen walks out of their wedding rehearsal. It's good drama, but I did feel sorry for the lad.

    The engagement party is great fun. I don't think we've seen this many recurring characters in one place before. Totally loving GW in that hat! The bloke gets more handsome each time we see him. Jason's band, the Rhythm Kings, performs for the second straight week, although this time the members don't make it into the credits. Hard luck, boys!

    This is a feature-length episode, so there's plenty of time for subplots. First up, Jim Bob and Elizabeth make a vow never to fall in love, only for Jim Bob to take a shine to Flossie's granddaughter, Patsy. Meanwhile, Curt attends a hearing in Richmond and everybody thinks he has done a runner. For some reason, John-boy is allowed to speak in his defence, despite having known about the hearing for all of five minutes. Back home, Jason arranges a 'hard times' dance to raise money for Curt's new clinic. This is the same as a regular dance except nobody bothers to dress up.

    Sadly, the ending is rushed to the point of farce. Curt shouts a marriage proposal at Mary Ellen, she says 'no', and the scene then switches to their wedding, which is held on a clearing in the woods and attended only by Corabeth, Nurse Nora, the Baldwins and the immediate family. The whole passage is utterly bizarre. Why not have the wedding in the church? Why have so few guests? As the first of the Walton children to be married, Mary Ellen deserves better than this.

    Pick of the bunch: GW Haines (David Doremus)

    Alternate title: The Triangle

    Score: 9.1