The Wanda Sykes Show

Season 1 Episode 101

Episode 101

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 07, 2009 on FOX

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  • Not all I'd hoped for...

    I'm glad its not a standard talk show per se, and it IS interesting that FOX chose (or is it, allowed...??!!) Wanda Sykes to host a "biting commentary on topical issues [and] heated panel discussions [that will] highlight Sykes' outspoken comedic perspective on current events". (FOX)

    But this first installment came off very stiff and lumbering, almost as though it was a very bad FOX attempt at a token liberal gesture...except we all know Wanda better!

    The initial monologue had some good jokes in it, and some that didn't hit at all, much like any other host of such a program has. And a few of her skits were really funny, like the Paranormal thing!

    But the panel discussion was a flop to me. It was almost dreadful in its halting presentation of largely unfunny material, and I found that they all sat looking kind of at each other and kind of at the camera after each "joke" to see if it hit or not before moving on to the next joke. Very amateurish, very first high school play kind of presentation.

    Hopefully its just growing pains for the show, and that going forward Wanda is allowed to be Wanda, because this premiere episode was tenuous at best...