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  • pure spew

    can you even imagine a more repulsive troll than wanda sykes? ga-a-a-agg!! I'd put this right there with home videos of barry bonds keestering 'roids. or perhaps a nancy pelosi speech. How low has humankind sunk? her 'guest list' is like the who's who of the deviate alert list. saying she's funny is like saying an autopsy is funny, or a beheading is funny, or that letterman is funny. God help us. What, we're not supposed to notice the racist, man hating,obama worshipping, deviate glorifying spew called a 'show'? I'd rather cut my foot off, or drink gutter water. I feel like I need a shower after hearing her cackling 'laugh'. she makes gargoyles look pretty. Let's see, who's uglier, her or whoopie? man, that's a hard one. hmmm, who uses more f-word, her or maher? hard to say. who hates themselves and everything else more, her, maher, or obama? another tough one.
  • I turned on this show last night after hearing how funny she was expecting some great comedy, not an ad for obama!

    I turned on this show last night after hearing how funny she was expecting some great comedy, not an ad for obama!

    Wanda has her head so far up obamas butt, not even her feet show. Her racist remarks really turned me off and lowered my opinion of any of the stars that are desperate enough to appear on this disaster of a show. I didn't laugh once, and thought I had tuned into a fundraising add for Obama instead of a comedy show. I wonder how many drinks she has before the show comes on.

    I don't know what kind of punishment this is for fox, but its not worth it. Its destroying the reputation of this fine network. (maybe the checks from the white house are too tempting?)

    I suggest they put this piece of garbage back into whatever landfill it came from and bury it deep so no one ever finds it again.

    Wanda is not funny and is one of the most racist people I have ever seen on a "Comedy" show. Avoid it like the plague.
  • Avoid at all costs... Why FOX, why?

    As if the world of TV hadn't learned its lesson with Wanda, the morons at FOX bring her back for more abuse to for the public... Somehow, Wanda has gotten more annoying, even and more unfunny. Wanda has done nothing successful and for some reason keeps appearing on TV. Her show was abysmal and beyond hard to watch. Any fans she may have had (those with serious brain trauma and head injuries) I'm sure bludgeoned themselves to death after sitting through the opening monologue so that they wouldn't have to endure any more of her.

    FOX, only you would put a failing, unfunny person on television with their own show. Cancel this show, we all know you love cancelling things that are good... so I'm pleading with you to cancel something that deserves it.

    Get her off the air forever. Just let her die, and do the world a favor.
  • Very funny, but very cheap.

    I love Wanda Sykes I think shes funny, quick and real. She speaks nothing but the truth and always says whats on her mind which is good in my opinion. I think that the show is okay but the budget of the show is obviously very, very cheap as Wanda has made clear in nearly every god damn episode. They cant even afford to put music for commerical breaks thats sad, the guests are usually b or c list celebrities who I've never even heard of. over all keep the scrips keep the jokes but do somethin interestin do like a questonair on the street or an undercover story, somethin.
  • I love this show!

    I don't think I am exactly the target audience for this show (44yo while middle class man) but this is one of my favorite shows. Wanda is original and sincere...she likes to drink and make fun of celebrities and politicians, what could be better than that? Keith Robinson and Porsche are not exactly Andy Richter, but they try hard and are funny sometimes. The idea of interviewing the guests at a bar means they loosen up and she usually gets a good mix of people on the panel. Overall it's just good sarcastic fun and better than SNL a lot of the time.
  • An Amazing Late Night Show!!!

    The Wanda Sykes show is a great, hilarious and fun late night show to watch each week! I enjoy the funny and relaxing environment of the show! I give 2 thumbs up to FOX for picking Wanda for the show! A truly great choice! If you haven't checked out the show or only watched it just once, keep watching it and you will love it! Each week Wanda has great celebrity guests and much humor on her 'Wandarama' with spoofs of the news and with the help of her sidekick Keith Robinson it will make your night much better! With a rating 1-10, The Wanda Sykes Show gets a 10!!!
  • Wanda Sykes is back at it with her own late night show.

    This show is awful. MadTV certainly lost its funny over the years but this, by far is horrific which leads me to wonder why this replaced it. Her opening monologue seems to just drag on with current events and failed punch lines while the audience is forced to laugh on queue. Like the reviewer below, I can't comprehend why FOX cancels GOOD shows; yet refuses to cancel the ones that are atrocious. Brothers, Cleveland Show and the Wanda Sykes show are all hanging on by a thread. Surely FOX must realize that the ratings and viewership dwindle more and more; just cancel these shows already!