The Wanda Sykes Show

FOX (ended 2010)





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  • Avoid at all costs... Why FOX, why?

    As if the world of TV hadn't learned its lesson with Wanda, the morons at FOX bring her back for more abuse to for the public... Somehow, Wanda has gotten more annoying, even and more unfunny. Wanda has done nothing successful and for some reason keeps appearing on TV. Her show was abysmal and beyond hard to watch. Any fans she may have had (those with serious brain trauma and head injuries) I'm sure bludgeoned themselves to death after sitting through the opening monologue so that they wouldn't have to endure any more of her.

    FOX, only you would put a failing, unfunny person on television with their own show. Cancel this show, we all know you love cancelling things that are good... so I'm pleading with you to cancel something that deserves it.

    Get her off the air forever. Just let her die, and do the world a favor.