The Wanda Sykes Show

FOX (ended 2010)





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  • pure spew

    can you even imagine a more repulsive troll than wanda sykes? ga-a-a-agg!! I'd put this right there with home videos of barry bonds keestering 'roids. or perhaps a nancy pelosi speech. How low has humankind sunk? her 'guest list' is like the who's who of the deviate alert list. saying she's funny is like saying an autopsy is funny, or a beheading is funny, or that letterman is funny. God help us. What, we're not supposed to notice the racist, man hating,obama worshipping, deviate glorifying spew called a 'show'? I'd rather cut my foot off, or drink gutter water. I feel like I need a shower after hearing her cackling 'laugh'. she makes gargoyles look pretty. Let's see, who's uglier, her or whoopie? man, that's a hard one. hmmm, who uses more f-word, her or maher? hard to say. who hates themselves and everything else more, her, maher, or obama? another tough one.