The Wanderer

Sky1 (ended 1994)


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  • Season 1
    • Knight Time
      Knight Time
      Episode 13
      Past and present converge. In the tenth century, Adam rejected Beatrice, so she had him killed, after his showdown with Zachary and his wedding to Clare. Adam sees into the past and finds he was drugged, to become a sacrifice to Zachary's dream of immortality. Back in the present, Adam finally finds his brother's grave, and the Stone, but not the Book. Zachary goes off to find it.moreless
    • Home
      Episode 12
      All the main players converge on the ruins of Fenton Abbey, Yorkshire, which is at the heart of Adam and Zachary's ancient feudal lands, for a showdown. On the way to Fenton, a young man tries to kill himself by jumping out of a train, and Adam stops him. Back in the tenth century, Beatrice travels on towards her wedding with Zachary, meets him, and plans her revenge on Adam. The brothers come face to face again, and Beatrice offers Adam the Book, but he refuses. The Book, together with the Stone, is a source of great power. In the present day, the Book is lost, like Zachary's grave, but Adam is getting very near to finding the answers he needs.moreless
    • Waste Not, Want Not
      Clare travels to Yorkshire to join Adam. In a flashback to the tenth century, Princess Beatrice, the fiery daughter of King Ethelred II, travels to Yorkshire on her father's orders to marry Zachary. On the way there, Beatrice breaks her journey at Lady Clare's castle, where she meets and falls for Adam, but he rejects her. In fury, Beatrice burns the castle down. Returning to the twentieth century, one thousand years on, a shopping mall stands on the site of Clare's castle, and there the present-day Clare and Beatrice meet again. Meanwhile, a chemical plant owned by the present-day Adam is blamed for toxic waste - but Zachary is distorting the truth for his own dark purposes.moreless
    • See No Evil
      See No Evil
      Episode 10
      Adam is now in Yorkshire and believes he is getting near to his brother's grave. He runs into two car thieves and also meets a woman called Fay who has gone blind after the death of her parents in a road accident. Then Adam's sight also begins to blur, and he realizes that there is an important connection between Fay and the two car thieves. Meanwhile, the hunt for Zachary's grave continues.moreless
    • A Dragon By Any Other Name
      Zachary has a man in London's Chinatown, a gangster who is fighting for control of a local restaurant - and also for control of the owner's daughter. Adam takes sides against the villain, heading for his offices in the Docklands after he abducts the girl. Meanwhile, Adam's man Mathias gets a message which will take their search for Zachary's grave to the ancient city of York.moreless
    • Everybody Must Get Stoned
      Adam gets mixed up in a couple's troubled love story and helps to solve their problems. Then, in talking to Clare, Adam remembers that his brother Zachary's grave is in England, so he decides to go there. But Clare will stay behind with her parents.
    • No Bull
      No Bull
      Episode 7
      Clare catches up with Adam and joins him on his journey. Zachary plans to grab Adam's sword - he uses Beatrice, posing as a Spanish mother in trouble, to trick him. Then Adam and Zachary meet for the second time in their present lives. They come face to face in a bull ring, and Adam loses a stone from his sword - but he does not see the significance of it.moreless
    • Clare
      Episode 6
      The present-day Clare, a photographer living in Spain, is planning to marry her Spanish boyfriend, but Zachary steps in to stop the wedding. Clare decides to call it off, upsetting her parents. Meanwhile, Adam finds out that in his past life he did marry Clare, and Zachary plans a kidnapping. Clare meets Adam and doesn't understand why she feels she knows him. Adam helps to rescue her and leaves - but Clare makes up her mind to find him again.moreless
    • Castle Takes Knight
      Zachary leads Adam to an ancient castle furnished as it would have been a thousand years before. There, Zachary calls up the ghost of a fighter who once almost killed Adam a thousand years before. As a result, Adam's memories of his past life get better. In particular, he remembers Lady Clare, who nursed him after the fight, and also that they were going to get married. Adam realizes he is still in love with Clare. But where is she now?moreless
    • False Witness
      False Witness
      Episode 4
      Adam helps a father who says he is desperate to find his missing daughter. But he finds out too late that the woman is a psychiatrist and the man claiming to be her father is a mental patient who is stalking her. Meanwhile, Adam continues the hunt for the first Zachary's grave - and makes a little progress.moreless
    • Bridges
      Episode 3
      Adam is in Bavaria, where he finds a gang of bikers is trying to drive an old man out of his home in a rough part of Munich. Adam confronts the bikers. Meanwhile, Godbold faces a wrestling match and finds himself fighting the present-day Beatrice, an enemy of Adam's from his previous life in the tenth century. And Beatrice has morphed into another shape.moreless
    • Mind Games
      Mind Games
      Episode 2
      In his travels, Adam meets a young German woman who has just got out of an asylum for the criminally insane. Some years before she was framed for a murder she didn't commit, and history seems to be repeating itself. Now she needs Adam's help and protection.
    • Rebirth
      Episode 1
      Adam is a rich and reclusive business tycoon who lives in a big house in the country near Salzburg, Austria. One day, he gets a visit from his brother Zachary - an identical twin he has not seen since they were born. Zachary quickly pins Adam to a tree with an ancient spear through the chest, but the wounds miraculously heal, and Adam begins to remember his past life as a knight a thousand years before. Then the people Adam knows start dying around him, and to save his friends' lives, he decides to leave home and become a wandering knight errant.moreless