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  • Season 1
    • EP 26 - Classroom Musical Part 2
      The detention drama gets ramped up as Mr. Pesckow relieves our gang from their service at Mr. Moody
    • EP 25 - Classroom Musical Part 1
      In an homage to classic and current musicals, the gang deals with the drudgery of detention through music and dance along with fellow student detainees.
    • EP 24 - Beyond
      EP 24 - Beyond
      Episode 24
      The gang argues over who is coolest of them all. They use the footage from their concert to prove it.
    • EP 23 - Internet Sensation
      When a video of the kids performing is accidentally uploaded to the web, their secret is jeopardized. Mr. Pesckow is on the lookout for the Highlands students he believes are in the video.
    • EP 22 - Stuck In The Mall
      After a petting zoo runs wild in the mall trapping the gang in the sweet shop; the gang must deal with their fears while having fantasies about their futures.
    • EP 21 - The Plagiarist Part 2
      Alan and the gang reminisce over their time together at Highlands the night before a hearing that just may keep Alan in school.
    • EP 20 - The Plagiarist Part 1
      Alan decides to spend the day at the carnival instead of writing his sonata. Out of time, Alan decides to steal an obscure piece off the Internet to turn in as his own work. Meanwhile, trouble arises on Sarah
    • EP 19 - Prank Wars
      EP 19 - Prank Wars
      Episode 19
      After pulling a prank on Andrew, a full-blown prank war is ignited. Andrew and Sarah join forces to get back at the guys. Meanwhile, Mariah and Shaylen get in on the pranks after both lie about auditioning for the school play.
    • EP 18 - Indirect TV
      After Sarah is quarantined for having a mysterious illness, the only thing she can do is watch television. She begins to see her friends
    • EP 17 - Wacky Manager
      The gang believes that their dreams have come true when a local club owner asks them to perform at his club across town.
    • EP 16 - Break Dance
      The Spring Dance has arrived and Andrew has been put in charge with Sarah acting as his assistant. While the gang worries about who they are going to take to the dance, real problems arise when Andrew forgets to book a band.
    • EP 15 - Playful Platypus
      A wealthy customer rents out Moody
    • EP 14 - Space Invaders
      When Highlands is forced to host a nearby sports academy, our boys challenge them to a basketball game.
    • EP 13 - Dance Revolution
      Andrew suspects that there
    • EP 12 - Haunted Highlands
      The gang gets trapped in the school after helping Andrew film a horror movie for a short film contest and life begins to imitate art as the gang gets
    • EP 11 - The Play's The Thing
      An alumnus of Highlands Academy returns to give a sizable endowment to the school during the annual freshman play but when her prized jewels go missing, the gang must find the thief before Mr. Pesckow gives them all detention.
    • EP 10 - The Candidate
      Alan decides to run for class president but the popularity goes to his head and he loses focus on what
    • EP 9 - Art School Of Hard Knocks
      Sarah gets accepted into the Highlands Academy "Prep Program" as a dance major. After Mr. Moody gives her a new cell phone, she quickly gets into trouble with Mr. Pesckow and causes problems for The Wannabes.
    • EP 8 - The Last Tango At Highlands
      Worried she
    • EP 7 - She Drives Me Crazy
      A girl becomes enamored with Drew after overhearing him talk in a Scottish accent. She becomes obsessed with him. After he breaks up with her, she
    • EP 6 - All About Drew
    • EP 5 - Earth Day
      EP 5 - Earth Day
      Episode 5
      After watching a video about global warming, Mariah becomes an environmental activist. When she organizes a student revolt against Mr. Pesckow's unfriendly ecological policies, reporters visit Mariah to do a story on her.
    • EP 4 - Mall Beasts
      Mr. Moody hosts a video game competition similar to Guitar Hero called
    • EP 3 - Tough Cookies
      The gang thinks quitting school will expedite their rise to stardom. Mr. Moody puts them through their paces, teaching them that an education is more important than fly-by-night fame and money.
    • EP 2 - "Guys Rock, Girls Rule"
      Egos collide when the gang can
    • EP 1Are Gonna Be
      EP 1Are Gonna Be
      Episode 1
      On their first day at Highlands Academy of the Arts, the gang gets in trouble for disobeying the strict curriculum. As punishment, they