The Wanted

Monday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jul 27, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Overly ridiculous dramatic show where an ex journalist, ex-Green Beret, and ex-attorney run around the world chasing after supposed criminals that couldn't be caught without the help of this television show. Many of the criminals are in plain site.

    I saw an interview with the producers of this show on some news program. They talked about how they "wanted to make this 'World's Most Wanted' show have a unique look to it." Supposedly a "movie" look and feel.

    Well, they succeeded.. And failed..

    The program involves these guys running around airports, renting cars, and make pity statements like "we make the world a safer place" and "we could get killed doing this".

    I'm sure that the Green Beret did some very dangerous things in his past. However, this show seems to follow him around as he hides in bushes and cars filming balconies of BAD people that are someone living in plain view in foreign countries. Both shows have had extensive discussions about how hard it is to get dark rental cars that they can tint and hide behind. The push seems to be to get them extradited and prosecuted, but that never seems to happen.

    In the meanwhile, the person editing and filming this show should be prosecuted. Is there any reason why we need to have a 61" full screen view of the green beret's face mole? Why is the camera spinning around people as they talk on cell phones? Filming people from behind their heads for no reason. If the stories were more interesting, I could look beyond that, but the "chasing" is relatively boring.

    In the first show, they had an interesting interview with one of the terrorists. That was at least interesting to hear a little bit about how they feel and why they do what they do. It would also be more interesting if these guys were like rogue snipers taking people out - Cheney's secret army or something.

    But it's not, and it's simply not interesting. Fail.