The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 21

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 01, 2007 on FOX
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A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Larry reveals to his parents that he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder, so Dave and Vicky try to put him on medication, but Larry refuses and accuses them of wanting to change who he is. Meanwhile, Dave is convinced that Hillary intends to lose her virginity on prom night, so Vicky ends up giving her the "sex talk."moreless

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      • (Mike walks into the house, late)
        Mike: Hey.
        Dave: Hey, where have you been? You were supposed to be here over an hour ago?
        Mike: Well, I would have been home sooner, but I had to expel a condom full of heroin out of my tush.

      • (Dave has discovered what Mike is secretly doing...)
        Dave: ...He's been "fencing" (jabs an imaginary fencing sword)
        Vicky: Oh, my God. If we don't put an end to this, he could end up in... (dramatic emphasis) ...good physical condition!

      • (Dave appears with a patch over his eye)
        Vicky: Have you made up with Mike. Do you two see "eye to eye"?
        Dave: Not funny. He scratched my cornea.
        Vicky: Well, all I can say is that it's a good thing you're not competitive with Hillary, or right now you'd be in a jacuzzi with Taye.
        Dave: Ughh... Come on, come on, I already lost an eye, do you want me to lose my lunch, too?
        (side door opens, Larry and some "friends" walk in)
        Dave: Well, hello there, and who do we have here?
        Larry: Oh, just some friends of mine. Please don't embarrass me, although, I think that pirate ship has already sailed.

      • (Taye's parents are over at the Gold's to see Taye and Hillary before they go to their prom)
        Omar: I just couldn't wait for tonight.
        Dave: Well, apparently, neither could your son.

      • Mike: You know, maybe Hillary should be taking one of Larry's chill pills. Apparently everyone else has been taking them except for Larry.
        Dave: What's that mean?
        Mike: You think those guys are hanging out with him for his personality? Please, the last time he had that many friends, they were imaginary.

      • Dave: You know what, we changed our minds. You're not grounded.
        Larry: What?
        Dave: Yeah, you're the opposite of grounded. You're un-grounded. For the next month, you're going out every night, okay? You're going to make new friends, you're going to parties, and you're going to have fun, all right? We may even send you to Florida for Spring Break.
        Larry: That's not fair! You guys are the worst parents ever!

      • Mike: Dad, how the hell did you find this place?
        Dave: Easy. I waited outside your school for you and saw I where all the cool kids were going and then I went in the other direction.

      • Dave: Come on, Mike, you gotta admit it is a little weird, right? I mean, who the hell fences?
        Mike: I'll tell you who doesn't fence: you. And that's why I wanted to do it.
        Dave: What does that mean?
        Mike: Dad, every sport that I've ever played there you are always telling me that I'm not doing it right and that you're better at it than I am.
        Dave: Well, that's 'cause I am. (showing his 40-something beer gut while he scratches it) I mean, is it my fault that I'm a physical specimen and I'm athletically gifted, huh?

      • Dave: Yeah, yeah. Won't it be nice for you to be in the same room as yourself and not mind it so much?
        Larry: You know, someone in this house needs to be on medication, but it's not me!
        Dave: Hey! How dare you talk about your mother like that!

      • Larry: You know, I know what's going on here. You don't like who I am, so you want to give me pills to change me! You've always wanted to change me! Admit it!
        Dave: Of course I want to change you, Larry. That's a parent's job, but now, luckily, there are pills that are able to do what I failed to do for 16 years. This is a miracle, and I think we should embrace it.
        Vicky: (to Larry) No one's saying you have to go on the medication.
        Dave: Oh, I am!

      • Vicky: (about Hillary) Look, am I happy about it? No. But she's in love, and she's in a relationship, and she's almost 18. I wasn't any of those three things my first time. I was just drunk and needed a ride home from school.
        Dave: That's great, that's great. So my daughter isn't as big a slut as my wife. Thanks for making me feel better. That's fabulous.

      • Hillary: Oh, good, I'm glad you're here.
        Dave: Oh, that's new.
        Hillary: I need cash.
        Dave: Ah, that's not new.

      • Dave: What the hell are you doing sitting by the trash cans?
        Larry: Just hanging out.
        Dave: Oh, I know I told you you were garbage before, but I didn't mean it literally.

      • Dave: (sees Taye & Hillary kissing) Yo! Father in the room! Hey, Taye, let me tell you something. The only thing you should be kissing in this house is my ass.

      • Dave: What's going on with him? He's been acting real funny, he's coming home late. He's up to something. Go do that thing where you ask what they're doing, see how they're feeling, and find out if something's wrong.
        Vicky: You mean, parenting?
        Dave: Well, I don't know the technical term for these things. Just go do it, will you?

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      • Dave: Hey! Look at me, I'm Jack Sparrow, a suash-buckling pirate of the Caribbean! Arr, arr, arr!
        This is an allusion to the Walt Disney picture Pirates of the Caribbean, with Johnny Depp starring as the eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.