The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 1

Back to School

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 10, 2006 on FOX

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  • wow and dissapointing show of WAH

    well,nothing happen in the opener Mike is determine dumping his girlfriend of Dave\'s new best friend,Larry changes his name to \"Gideon\" and the show was dissapointing,boring and poor directing in the end Dave losses his NBF but not because of Mike dumping plans because he saw Dave hugging his Daugther,in the end Larry his back to larry after a New Exchange Student comes to his school and his name is Gideon,larry tells the boy his named his gideon too,leaving him to kick his ass,embarressing,and plus i had plans that nigth but i decided to watch the show i was dissapointed,and sad the worst episode ever of WAH
  • The fact that Larry would name himself \"Gideon\" is a testament to the fact that the writers are idiots.

    We got a man crush and a ##### kid what else sounds bad? Well Mike got a Girlfriend, Dave got a \"Man Crush\" and Larry gave himself a name that would get people beaten at school. The episode like always is filled with mediocore jokes that I have no idea why anyone enjoys them. Hopefuly if episodes like this keep up W@H will be canceled swiftly.
  • Good show

    I think I've seen something like this before. It was called "Married With Children". It's been modernized. Still, its a good show. I think I like this t.v. family better too. This should survive a few more seasons, but the only problem is that it starts so damn late. There really isn't a reason it should, it's clean. Actually it's cleaner than Family Guy and American Dad.
  • Hilary cuts the first day of class while Mike considers dumping his girlfriend who isn't putting out for him.

    That was about it, nothing to brag about it here. This has been done before in other sitcoms. The big jokes were at the end where Hilary and Dad seemed to switch bodies and voices as she realized the horror that she may actually end up like her dad. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding leads Mike's girlfriend, Heidi, to dump him first. Larry thought about changing his name to Gideon, but I didn't find that at all to be very funny.

    An ok episode with a few laughs 9Like Hilary almost catching her parents about to do whoopie) but it wasn't that great.