The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 6

Be Careful What You Ask For

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • THIS is a Sitcom plot?

    In yet another nauseating edition of "WAAAHHHH!", Larry starts to go out with a goth, and Dave "whiner" Gold thinks Hillary cheated on the SAT's and loses the ability to have sex with his wife for being like a bouncer, just being enough of an ass to make everyone hate you. I think the writers just want people to hate Dave now seriously.
  • It was ok this time.

    The show was still funny as usual but it was way too stereotypical. They think that someone that wears all black has to be gothic and thinks about death and dark things. I know lots of people that wear black all the time an they're not even close to gothic. The word "goth" also seems to be overused nowadays. Gothic is a type of art used in the renaissance time or something like that. I'm not sure when, but its an old style of art. Do not stereotype people.Otherwise it was a good episode that gave me some good laughs.
  • Be very careful!

    Jenn Shagrin made be the key of improving the series. she shows up all dress in black in a attempt to go out on a date with Larry. I like her charactrer and I hope she returns someday in future episodes. She is one of ma few intresting characters in the series, which produce very little. the family suspect that Hiliary may have cheated on her SAT's. That plot is too thin. Michael Rapaport continues to talk like a bouncer at a bar. Anita Barone is a major improvement over the last episode, where she was caught smoking in the gauge. Once more, she became my favorite actress in the series.
  • A real laugh riot!

    This was a great episode, I enjoyed every minute of it! I couldn't believe that Dave accused Hilary of cheating on her SATs when she actually did that well, and I laughed during the interaction between Larry the "nerd" and Tiffany the "goth".
    But what I really loved were the game show bits with Dave as the contestant and TPiR announcer Rich Fields as the game show host, the lines Rich got had me laughing so hard I was near tears.
    It was my first time watching this particular series, and I will more than likely watch more episodes in the future.