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The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 9

Dave Get Your Gun

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 11, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Dave Get Your Gun
Dave becomes upset with Larry because of his lack of interest in masculine activities, and his lead role in the "Annie Get Your Gun" play at his high school. Things get worse for Larry when his parents see him kissing what they think is a guy, which convinces them that Larry is, in fact, gay. Meanwhile, Hillary has to deal with her new image at school after she hits another girl and gets dumped by Taye.moreless

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  • That was pointless.

    In another pintless episode of a terrible show, Dave thinks his son is gay when he kisses a girl with a butchcut, and Hillary beats up a black girl. Incase you cant tell by now, "The War at Home's" plots are just completely insanely stupid. And pprety much every joke bombed, no more of these episodes.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Kenny is talking to Larry about opening night, he is holding a cowboy hat in his hands, between scenes, it switches from being on his lap to on the bed.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Larry: Time to score... In more ways than one!

    • Vicky: Now, I want you to get changed for the play, because you're going.
      Dave: Fine. I'll go, but I'll tell you right now, I'm not gonna like it.
      Vicky: Dave, it's a high school play. Nobody's gonna like it.

    • Hillary: Wait, you're breaking up with me?
      Taye: Mmm-hmm.
      Hillary: Why? I mean, is this because I'm grounded? Because I can just sneak out.
      Taye: It's not that. You can't go around thugging on people. You're a hater.
      Hillary: No, it wasn't like that at all.
      Taye: I'm sorry, but I can't go out with someone who solves their problems with violence.
      (Cut scene)
      Taye: Plus, she's way too clingy. If I was actually hitting it, it'd be one thing, but life's too short.

    • Hillary: This girl Keisha and I got into a fight, and I... kind of punched her.
      Dave: Keisha? Wh-What'd you... you beat up a black girl?
      Hillary: What makes you assume she's black? Isn't that a little racist of you?
      Dave: Not as racist as you beating her up.

    • Vicky: Well, how would you feel if your dad didn't show up for your things?
      Dave: Hey, when I was his age, my things were smoking doobs and grabbing boobs.

    • Keisha: You're Hillary, right?
      Hillary: Yeah.
      Keisha: I'm Keisha. And I don't like your skinny ass.

    • Dave: I've just been thinking, uh... Is this play such a good idea? You know, maybe you shouldn't do it.
      Larry: Why not?
      Dave: I don't know, it just seems so time-consuming. It's taking away from all your other interests.
      Larry: I don't have any other interests.

    • Dave: Did you get a load of Cirque de So-Gay in the living room?
      Vicky: Just because you're in a musical, it does not mean you're gay. There are plenty of Broadway stars who aren't.
      Dave: Yeah? Name one.
      Vicky: There, uh... I think... My point is that the only thing that makes you gay is having sex with another man.
      Dave: Ah! Not so loud. I don't want you to give 'em any ideas.

    • Larry: Man, not only is this play gonna be a ton of fun, but my plan is totally working.
      Kenny: Yeah, I know. How?
      Larry: That girl Bonnie, who paints the sets, has totally been flirting with me. And she is so cute.
      Kenny: Yeah, she is.
      (Cut scene)
      Kenny: For a girl.

    • Kenny: Hey.
      Dave: What are you two doing?
      Larry: Kenny's helping me with my costume for Annie, Get Your gun.
      (Cut scene)
      Dave: I'm just gonna smile and pretend he said, "I'm going over the playbook for football practice, Dad."
      (Cut scene ends)
      Larry: What do you think?
      Dave: Great! I can't wait to see the pants. There are pants, aren't there?

    • Dave: You know how when you're in a restaurant and the food doesn't come out the way you like, you could just send it back? Wouldn't it be great if you could do that with your kids? Uh, waiter, I'm sorry. This daughter? She's a little too spicy for my taste, and, uh, not enough dressing. And, uh, my older son -- where exactly on the menu did it say he was going to come out flaming. And, uh, the youngest one. I don't even remember ordering him.

    • Keisha: Who do you think you are? There are only eight black guys at our school, and what makes you think you get one of them?
      Hillary: Keisha, there could be 8,000 black guys at our school, and I still don't think you'd get one.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title: Dave Get Your Gun
      The title of this episode is an obvious reference to the actual Annie Get Your Gun Broadway play from the 1940's/1950's.

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